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Update changes lol: Added new song: Coitus With Regulations - JamFace, new "blog" post.

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God damn you Myspace

God damn you and your "accidental" botched server migration back in 2018. I was so close it finding some obscure music I've been looking for and it *was* on Myspace. Keyword: WAS. It was lost from Myspace in 2018 and now is most likely lost forever. Its still listed there, nonfunctional, taunting me with the knowlege that if I had just gotten into this artist a few years earlier I could have gotten those tracks. I am so pissed about it rn. and no its not on lostmyspace.com I checked. So pissed.

Music Ramblings

I've been listening to JamFace's Zen master a lot recently. I like the songs and I think most, if not all of them, were written by Will so it feels like finding a new Will Wood album lol. Out of all the old music stuff Will was a part of before WWATTW I'd have to say Zenmaster with Jamface and Bigger Than Yours with Stereosexuals have to be my favorites. Even though I've found some Strang Thick stuff I haven't listened to it yet, gotta do that soon lol. Also I/Me/Myself is reaching 60mil streams on spotify, wonder what Will is gonna do when we hit 60mil.

Saw the FNAF movie, was pretty good lol

So yesterday like me and 3 of my friends went and saw the FNAF movie and after dodging spoilers for a week I have to say, it was a very enjoyable experience. As a disclaimer, I've been a fan of FNAF since the second game's release, rumors of this movie have been bouncing around for 8-ish years and seeing this movie was basically a dream come true for my inner child so my view of the movie is very VERY biased lol. I loved the movie, the set design for the actual resturaunt was great and I loved the costumes. Its cool as hell to see the characters moving in real space. I also love all the little easter eggs Scott put in for the long time fans. Having Matt Pat have a cameo character named Ness in a diner called Sparky's, having one of the broken suits you see in the movie be a dog, the whole "Dream Theory" thing, watching this movie I was legit the kid pointing at the screen and going "Yo, I get that refrence!" The movie was a great time, can't wait to watch it again to pick it apart to find the rest of the easter eggs that I missed.

Man time is flying this year

Bro how is it already November, yesterday didn't even feel like Halloween. It was fucking snowing! Time is going to fast man, slow it tf down lmao.

New Site Layout!

Thanks to a few friends this place now has a nice new coat of paint! Now the song player n stuff is in a more convinent place for me to work around and now it should be easier for me to just add songs to the playlist instead of replacing them every time I want to change it!

MusicBee Seems Pretty Cool

Its UI is pretty nice. I'd say it beats Winamp in terms of appearence and usability. Plus it has a built in Last.fm plugin, so thats pretty nice.

Here's a sketch I did recently.

haven't been drawing as much lately, I should make a page to put my art in.

Quick news: Unfortunate announcement following the MSpaint layer reveal!

Just days after announcing layer and transparency support for MSpaint, Microsoft announced that their new AI assistant is going to be integrated into most Microsoft apps, including MSpaint with an image generation option.

Discord plans to break links and change CND hosting!

Discord is changing in the coming months to prevent people from using them as free file hosting! Discord has been changing the URL peramiters on the files you link from your servers, these include peramiters for issue and experation date as well as link IDs! This will cause many sites using discord to host images to break!

Uhh, firefox is better than chromeium based browsers

These are here to fill space till I have things to put here lmaoooo
While your here tho, switch your browser to firefox, its a helluva lot safer ;3.

Featured Songs!

New music player! Supports playlist so its supper cool! Files are bing hosted on Archive.org lol.
made with blamscamp v0.0.3 (I edited it a bit tho lol)
Clicking the song names downloads them to your computer, happy listening!

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